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Huadaii product “UVC + TiO2 Air Disinfection Machine” has now registered with a new brand name “SaniThru” 珍善風 .  For all SaniThru new product news and updated product specifications, please visit our SaniThru website :


華大創科的產品 “UVC + TiO2空氣消毒機” 現已註冊為新品牌 “SaniThru” 珍善風。 所有有關SaniThru 產品的資訊及最新的產品規格, 歡迎查詢網址 :


Check-in Nurse Machine 防疫考勤看護機

Intelligent Visitors Management System,with Body Temp Measurement Feature
智能訪客系統/Auto Muti-Tasks CMS Machine 智能候診機

UVC Air Disinfection Machine