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Check-in Nurse Machine 防疫考勤看護機



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Check-in Nurse Machine 防疫考勤看護機

Patent No. 專利號 : ZL201920492885.X
Model No.型號 : HD-CINS-001, -002, -003 & -TB01
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Feature-benefits Highlight

Speedy 快捷

Reduce Labor Cost 節省人力

Super Convenient 方便

Highest Accuracy 高準確性

Multi Purposes 多功能

Variety of Sizes & Features 多種尺寸及功能選擇


Product description


Applications in schools 學校應用

With a facial recognition and body temperature detection, the body temperature and time when students enter the classroom can be recorded in the system, which conveniently accommodates faculty inquiries and statistics. Once a student is found to show symptoms of fever, the system will automatically send out a warning for the school to immediately isolate the potential patient. This is to prevent large-scale infection in the school and ensure the orderliness of school teaching. 利用人臉識別探測體溫功能,可將學生進入課室時的體溫和時間記錄在電腦內,方便教職員查詢和統計。一旦發現學生有發燒症狀,系統會發出警號,校方可第一時間隔離發燒學生,避免大面積傳染在校內發生,保障學校教學的正常秩序。

Applications in companies and offices 公司、辦公室的應用

Before employees enter the workplace, they will first pass through the Check-in Nursing Machine. The machine can take attendance and measure body temperature at the same time. Once an individual is found to have fever symptoms, the system will send out a warning for the personnel in-charge to immediately isolate the individual with a fever. This is to avoid large-scale infections that might affect normal company operations. A healthy and reassuring office environment can be created in the company to offer employees maximum protection. 員工進入工作場所前,先通過防疫考勤看護機,可作考勤用途,同時又測量體溫,一旦發現發燒症狀者,系統會發出警號,負責人員可第一時間隔離發燒者,避免在工作場所大面積傳染,而影響公司的正常運作。在公司內,創造一個健康,安心的辦公環境,給予員工最大的保障。

Applications in public places such as restaurants, clubs, supermarkets, and shopping Malls 餐廳、酒樓、超市和商場等公共場所的應用

The machine can accurately and conveniently measure body temperature of customers.Meanwhile, real-time customer flow data can be recorded in the system to conveniently facilitate analysis and boost business performance in the future. Once an individual with a fever is found,front-desk management personnel may refuse to let the person enter to avoid the spread of disease and provide other customers with a reassuring place to make purchases. This will in turn help build consumer confidence and enthusiasm. 準確便捷的測量顧客的體溫,又可作為顧客人流數據的統計,並實時記錄在電腦內,方便日後分析和提升業績所用。一旦發現發燒者,前台管理人員可第一時間拒絕發病人士進入,避免傳播,亦給其他客人創造一個安心消費的場所,建立消費者的信心和消費熱情。


Product showcase





HD-CINS-003 and HD-CINS-001-E

Note: In public places where facial recognition for identifying individuals is not required, it is recommended to use smart video cameras HD-CINS-TB01 with body temperature measurement and recording features.

注意: 對於某些公共區域不需要面部識別功能建議使用具有體溫測量和記錄功能的智慧攝影機 HD-CINS-TB01